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Fiber Optics


Exploring New Ideas For RF & Opto-Electronic Devices


We are always expanding. Check back often for our latest products coming to market.

High speed DFB Lasers

High Speed InGaAs Photodiodes

InGaAs photodiodes for high-speed optical receivers. Products for OTDR, RFoF, Power monitoring, and Test and Measurement.

25G InGaAs TO-LC photodiode

High Speed InP DFB lasers

InP DFB lasers for high-speed optical transmitters. These devices are directly modulated (DML) by an AC signal. Products are available for OTDR, RFoF, and Test and Measurement.

FP Pulsed Laser 1310 1550 nm

High Power FP Laser

Fabry Perot pulsed lasers for long range OTDR applications. HIgh optical output power makes it a great candidate. 850, 1310, and 1550 nm are currently supported. With up to 140 mW of optical power. 

Silicon Quadrature Photodiode for remote sensing

Si Quadrature Photodiodes

Large active area Silicon quadrature Photodiodes packaged in TO-can. Designed to be utilized in sensing and guidance applications.

RF over Fiber System in a package

RF over Fiber System in package

Transmit and Receive RF signals over long distances with our RF over Fiber system in a package. Multiple build configurations available. Amplified versions are coming soon!

DC to 67 GHz SPDT RF Switch

Broadband RF devices

Ultra-wide band RF devices. All our devices are test and measurement grade with uses for Telecom, Radar, Antenna Arrays, and Test and Measurement. 

MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator

Mems Variable optical Attenuator

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) variable optical attenuators. Offered in both Dark (normally closed) and Bright (normally open) optical attenuator. These devices comply with Telcordia 1221, while offering  a small size, low wavelength dependent loss, high reliability, and repeatability.  Devices are customizable to meet your specific needs.

Test and Measurement Solutions

Optical Power Meter

Test and measurement systems ready to assist you in your measurement needs. Optical Power Meter, based around our devices, an easy-to-use user GUI interface allows precise control. 

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