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About Us

At NuPhotonics, we are working at revolutionizing the RF and opto-electronics industry through cutting-edge advancements and relentless innovation. We are driven by our commitment to shaping the future of technology, enabling a world of limitless possibilities. Our team of visionary engineers, scientists, and industry experts collaborate tirelessly to develop groundbreaking solutions that empower industries worldwide.
Advancing the semiconductor packaging industry is our primary focus. We continually invest in research and development to create semiconductor devices that are smaller, faster, and more cost effective. By embracing emerging technologies and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms, we lead the way in designing revolutionary RF and Opto-Electronic devices.
NuPhotonics stands apart through our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We recognize the importance of reducing our ecological footprint, and as such, we constantly strive to develop eco-friendly semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes. Our sustainable practices extend to our supply chain, where we try and partner with socially responsible vendors and adhere to stringent ethical standards.
As we move into the future, we remain driven by our core values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration. We foster a culture of creativity and diversity, we strive to attract some of the brightest minds in the industry who share our passion for driving technological advancement. Our state-of-the-art research facilities and advanced manufacturing possibilities serve as the breeding ground for breakthroughs that shape the semiconductor landscape.
NuPhotonics is committed to advancing the industry, one innovation at a time. Together with our partners and customers, we are creating transformative technologies of tomorrow. Join us on this incredible journey as we unlock the limitless potential of the future.

We offer a one-stop solution. Here is a quick glimpse into our capabilities.

Wire bonding

In-House Packaging

We offer complete device packaing capabilities. Our expertise in advanced packging technologies allows us to deliver solutions to meet your needs. at our facility quality is paramount. We follow stringent quality control processes and adhere to industry standards to ensure consistent, defect-free devices.

Alumina ceramic Processing

PCB and Ceramic Processing

A world of endless possibilities with our advanced ceramic PCB processing capabilities. Using advanced laser and water-jet capabilities we can process ceramic PCBs with incredible turnaround time. We maintain stringent controls on ceramics processing to ensure we deliver innovative products the first time. This control helps achieve a smaller carbon footprint.

3D printing of electronic components

2D/3D Fabrication Technologies

We have a vast array of tools in house. We utilize various forms of 3D printing, CNC machines, and laser cutters to produce and prototype our devices. 3D printing enables us to cost effectively prototype with virtually no waste and have a faster time to market. This enables us to push forward that cost savings onto our customers. Utilizing this technology is one of the techniques we utilize to be a greener company.  We do not take any products to production if we cannot fully prove it out through 3D printing.  Our expertise in 3D printing allows us to quickly derive custom solutions for customers.

RF measurement


One of our strengths is our advanced measurement capabilities. We have stringent operating procedures for all our measurement equipment. All users of our equipment are highly trained and must maintain a rigorous understanding of the equipment and proper usage. We maintain a rigorous calibration routine and validation checks are a standard part of our operating procedures. We have the ability to measure up to 65 GHz utilizing our Network Analyzers, Spectrum analyzers, and frequency generators.

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